Sea Daffodil, Pancratium maritiimum

The Sea Daffodil also known as Sea Lilly is very common in this area of Western Spain. In fact I recall having seen it along the coast near Barcelona, also, in Calpe and I think in Greece.


Anyway it is typical of southern European coast lines. It is supposed to flower from August to mid October, but I caught this one in early November.

After flowering it produces a 3 valved capsule which contains black seeds that look like little chunks of charcoal.


Black-winged Stilts; Huelva

There is a large wetland area near Huelva in SW Andalucia and it supports interesting birds like Greater Flamingo’s and Spoonbills. Today I saw both  of these birds but not that many and fairly distant. However there were hundreds, possibly thousands of Black-winged Stilts and quite close.


I remember when two of these nested in Norfolk at Holme nature reserve and the queues of bird’os waiting to see them nearly reached to Hunstanton.


The Serin is a  little finch, it is quite common in southern Spain but does not often make it up to the U.K.

The male has quite a yellow breast, where as the female is just stripey.

A good ID  characteristic is the very short stubby bill.