India 1940’s

During the Second World War my Father was in India in the RAF. Of course back then India included Pakistan. He was there at the end of the war and had to stay on for some while afterwards, so I suspect it was 1944 to 1946. He took lots of photos and I have a large album of his photographs. Here I am going to present each page in order and then the photos from each page which I am enlarging and giving some minor treatment to ‘improve’ them

Here is the first page….


and here are the individual photos.


Newport Wetlands

I often visit the RSPB reserve at Newport Wetlands.

I like it partly because it is similar to many of the areas I used to frequent in Norfolk. Partly because I sort of like the juxtaposition of nature and industry. Although much of the industry is now ex industry.

I did not see a Bearded Tit, this photo is from the information board. I also did not see any Otters though a group of four were spotted playing there last week.

I did see a few wild flowers including this Coltsfoot.

Affinity Photo processing

I have invested in some new photo processing soft ware, called Affinity. I now have to get to grips with all it can do But after an initial play here is a before and after shot.  I entered this for the Midphot competition and it scored 9. I wonder if I had entered the Mark 2 version if it would have done any better.  The main adjustment has been to reduce noise.

Little Egret

Another day at Magor Marsh waiting for Mr Otter but no luck. I have been there six times now and seen an Otter on two occasions. That sounds quite good but another way of looking at it is that I have spent about 20 hours there and the Otter has been in view for about 30 seconds.

There are normally Little Egrets on the far side of the lake. This one was lit up nicely by the evening light.

Olympus TG4

My new toy is an Olympus TG4 camera…..


Brilliant….. its very small, smaller than a mobile phone though a little bit fatter but not much. And it takes photos underwater, down as far as I will ever venture with my snorkel and flippers. It also takes close ups and focus stacks half a dozen photos together… no more messing about with photoshop and it has loads of different ‘clever’ modes. Here are two shots first with out stacking and second with stacking. For full specifications click here

And two more.

Most of all it does not give you back ache.

And here are some other photos I have taken with it.

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There is a new version out called the TG5 but it does not do the focus stacking and I think it is 12 mega pixels not 16 ???? and it costs more!!!!! Why ?