I like taking photos. I like other people to see my photos and hopefully enjoy them. There is not a lot of point in taking photos that only get seen by the person who took them.Alan Waterman

So some years ago I set up a blog called www.poitoucharentesinphotos.wordpress.com where I have published loads of photos and information about the region of France called Poitou-Charentes. The reason for choosing this region is that we have a house there and spend quite a lot of time there.

However I do not spend all my life there and sometimes visit other parts of the world like Canada this (2015) Spring, and at the moment I am in southern Spain, Andalucía and sometime next year I will be visiting my daughter in Mozambique. So any photos I take in these places are not relevant to Poitou-Charentes but I would still like to put them out there for you to enjoy, or criticise or comment on. So I have set up this new blog and I have called it Alan Waterman photos. Not very clever but it is what it is called.

I also have one other blog called www.catbrookwood.wordpress.com and this is about a woodland which we purchased a few years ago. I treat this blog more or less as my own diary about the woodland but it has some nice photos and if you are interested in woods or own a wood then it may be an idea to have a look at it.

Finally I have put some of my photos onto two other sites. One is panoramio and that is linked to google earth. The second is Alamy and that is a commercial site where you can purchase photos. I have sold a few of my photos and that of course is better than people just looking at your photos, not because of the money which is not much but because they have decided that your photo is just what they want for their magazine, book, wall or poster, and that is a real pat on the back.

Most of what I publish gets put on Facebook or Twitter, but if you like my sites then please click to say you like it, bookmark it, or click to follow it, or better still do all three. Thank you

Alan Waterman


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