Naval boats on the coast of Andalucía.

Two days ago it was hot and sunny and I posted a photo to that effect, well…… silly me because it then turned cloudy and today it has been absolute sh1T;  in fact worse than that even.

The result has been that 5 naval vessels pulled in close to the shore and I took some photos.Naval Ships1

We then went out and had a long and excellent lunch but then came back through the most horrendous rain/thunder/lightning storm and  when we got back I read my book and had a shower and generally mooched about and then started to meander through the internet…as you do when it is pissing down and I found an amazing web site.

Some of you will no doubt be aware of it, especially my friend James Bullar MBE from the London Nautical School, but it is a site which shows all the positions of the ships in the world. You can click on each ship and it will tell you something about it, more if you subscribe to the site. The site is do have a look, it is amazing.Naval Ships2

And here is a better photo of it taken from this web site.1

Where we are is just south of Cadiz and almost at the point where the battle of Trafalgar took place so here the Atlantic is narrowing into the passage through the straights of Gibraltar. We can see Morocco in the distance if the skies are clear, but not today. Usually there is a lot of shipping out there.Naval Ships3

Reference to this site and others tells me that these five ships are all NATO ships and belong to different nations like Norway, Spain and others. It also tells me that some have gone on their way and others are still just off shore. Naval Ships4

Fascinating…… well quite interesting on a wet Sunday.


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