Bird on a wire.

Written by Leonard Cohen in 1968, it was first released by Judi Collins and subsequently by many artists including Leonard Cohen, Tim Hardin, Joe Cocker,Fairport Convention, Johnny Cash and  Willie Nelson to name but a few.

Fan tailed warbler (Cisticola juncidis)
Fan tailed warbler (Cisticola juncidis)

This bird on a wire is a Fan tailed Warbler (Cisticola juncidis) it lives in southern Europe along the Mediterranean coast and in North Africa along the opposite  Mediterranean coast. It is not the most spectacular bird you will see. It normally hides away in tall grasses, sedges and rushes and you just get a glimpse of it as it flits from one place of cover to another. So this was a lucky view of it on a wire.


One thought on “Bird on a wire.

  1. Cohen was living on Hydra, an island off Greece. He went there to separate himself from civilisation. But it caught up with him. Telephone lines went up outside his window…. bird on a wire …tried in my way to be free


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