Zahora Beach

I have been taking quite a lot of photos down on the beach in the last few days, it has been very windy but clear blue skies. This is the track down to the beach.Zahora beech103

I have also deleted quite a lot of photos as well because getting the light just right is quite a problem. Also as I like to take bird photos getting close and in focus also presents problems, especially on an almost deserted beach….. You tend to stand out and everything can see you from a long way off….. I saw a group of waders sheltering from the wind and I was about 100M away and they started to shuffle about and get agitated, so I sat down and waited and then on my bum I edged slowly forward. I took a few shots at intervals and gradually got closer and closer. The sand gets everywhere, especially as you edge forward on your bottom, but all in the interests of getting the shot. Eventually I got reasonably close and this is one that I took, a mixed group of Turnstones, Ringed Plovers and Kentish Plovers.Zahora beech101

The Turnstones are the larger brown ones and the Kentish plovers are the smallest ones, without the dark collar and with a browner crown.

There were lots of birds out to sea and as it was quite rough it seemed to bring them in a bit closer. Zahora beech108

Especially good were the Gannets, mostly juveniles which are dark coloured.Zahora beech109

There were some adults but they seemed to keep further out to sea.Zahora beech107

I also saw a few Terns, these are Sandwich terns which have a black bill with the very end being a yellow colour, it is easy enough to see the black bill but the yellow tip is only visible at a distance if the light is just right.Zahora beech111

The commonest birds are Yellow-legged gulls, which are almost the same as our Herring gulls. And yes the legs are yellow but against the white of the tail they look quite dark.Zahora beech105

There were a few Lesser Black backed Gulls and this one turned nicely to show its black back.Zahora beech106

Cormorants were also about and these often crossed by fairly far out to sea in a long ‘follow my leader’ line.Zahora beech110

The beach not only has birds to photograph, there are often horses up and down.Zahora beech102

With the strong winds there are lots of Kite surfers but they are usually gathered further down however this one was close to ‘my’ stretch of beach and I took loads of photos and then binned most of them. This is one of the better shots but hopefully he will be back and I can have a second attempt to try to improve on what I have taken so far.Zahora beech100

The beach also has numerous dog walkers, sunbathers, sea fishermen and others even some naturists so I have to be careful and only take my camera down there when it’s quite windy and there are not too many scantily clad people about. So no naturist photos but to finish off here are two juvenile Yellow-legged gulls….. sorry.Zahora beech104


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