Sancti Petri. Waders and history.

Sancti Petri is just south of Cadiz and back in 1811 it was the route back to Cadiz from a battle zone around a place called Barossa which is just south of Sancti Petri.Sancti Petri15

At this time Spain was virtually taken over by the French and the Spanish government was in Cadiz. Spain had sort of changed sides and decided it was perhaps better off allied to Britain rather than the French. So there was a battle between Britain and Spain on one side and the French on the other. For more details click Peninsula war.map_barrosa

To cut a long story short, the Spanish sat back and did nothing and manoeuvred to get their troops back to Cadiz via a crossing at Sancti Petri and the British with a few Portuguese  took on the French. We were vastly outnumbered and with no help from our Spanish allies should have lost, but we were brave and clever and won.

There is very little or nothing to commemorate this battle but as the Spanish did not perform,  it is probably not that surprising.

Today it is a little fishing port with pleasure craft as well.. Sancti Petri7

In the harbour there were several birds that I photographed. Some I can ID but some of the little waders are so difficult, especially in winter plumage. ( Click on the photos to get a better view)

There was also a dog and that kept Anita happy whist I clicked away.Sancti Petri8

I think the dog belonged to an old fisherman who was trying to untangle his nets.Sancti Petri11

The main battle took place in Barossa and now this is a huge sprawl of holiday villas… an estate of Villas, all empty at this time of year and totally sterile, there are also some massive hotels the 2,000 resident type of hotels were everything is laid on and you never have to step outside into ….. ugh…… Spain.



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