Darwin; variation and lemons.

I am on holiday in Andalucia, I have been here for three weeks and I have read two books. My wife has read about 20, I am not an avid reader, being forced to read Tess of the D’Urbavilles as a teenager, put paid to that. I often have my head in a book but it is usually the Field guide to the Spiders of Notre Dame or some such.Variation10

Now I have embarked upon ‘The Origin of the Species’ by some old chap. I have dipped into it at various times in the past, sort of like the Bible but never read it from cover to cover.  Odd to talk about Origin of the species and the Bible in the same breath, but that is another story…..Variation17

So now I am ploughing through it, being a sort of Biologist/Ecologist I feel I ought to read it. I refer to it as my homework and each morning I sit and read under a pergola area with Bouganvillea above,Variation15

and some Jasmine climbing up the side.Variation16

Sort of idyllic and beside me there is a Lemon tree. Variation1

There can also be the smell of the sewer, which reminds you that you are in rural Spain, the Jasmine normally wins out though.

I am getting through my homework but Darwin does like to make sure that every point he is making is fully, and I mean fully, explained. All said and done he was up against it and even now there are plenty of Ostriches who will not accept his ideas, so you have to go with it.

Anyway I am onto the chapter about variation, only about page 70. Incidentally, I was a bit disappointed to arrive at the pages with the colour pictures quite early on in the book, about page 55, being still a bit of a child in terms of reading I do like the pictures and look forward to reaching that stage of the book, so when they occur early on it means after that there is not so much to look forward to. Fortunately I have since discovered that there are two more sections of coloured pictures at further stages in the book. Good old Darwin.

So, back to the Lemon tree. It has lemons on it, some are young and green and there are some flowers. These obviously do not represent variation as they are just stages in the ripening process.

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But there are also ripe lemons and as if to back up Darwin they show a lot of variation, in shape and no doubt as Darwin would have said in many other aspects like taste, smell, thickness of peel, number of seeds, resistance to fungal infestation, etc etc.

So here are the lemons with all their variations.

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