Jerez de la Frontera….mercado

Jerez, its where sherry comes from, its in Andalucía and it is well worth a visit. This is the main square ( Plaza Arenal) with Miguel Primo Rivera on a horse, he was the Spanish PM before the Civil war and was born in…….. Jerez.

Plaza Arenal, Jerez
Plaza Arenal, Jerez

I like the ancient monuments and the narrow streets and the pavement cafes but I also like the indoor markets, mercados. They are fascinating and the produce is so tempting. Also the stall holders really present it well, it is almost artistic.Jerez de la Frontera6

When we lived in Castelldefels in Spain, just south of Barcelona, we regularly shopped in the local Mercado, I remember once when one of the fish stalls had a delivery of live octopus and several of them made a bid for freedom and started to squelch across the floor…. pandemonium. The other memory was of the stallholders who sold olives placing one on each finger of our small child…. no sweets for her, olives and also bread sticks were her treats. This is the mercado in Jerez.Jerez de la Frontera14

Inside the central area is for sea food, almost half the stalls sell sea food, the speciality of the region is Tuna. The outer regions sells other stuff like meat and veg and olives and snails and jamon.Jerez de la Frontera2

Here are some photos from Jerez mercado, you can click on each photo to see it in full detailed Technicolor. Paleta is the front leg and Jamon is the back leg.



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