Bird list for Zahora + Oct/Nov 2015

We stayed on the coast in a small village called Zahora, it is in the Cadiz province of Andalucía on what is aptly named the Costa de luz. This was not a birding holiday, in that I was not out and about all the time visiting know birding sites and ticking off species as fast as I could. much of the time was spent close to where we were staying and even on days out it was more of a tourist trip than a bird trip.

None the less I do keep my eyes open and do record what I see, so here is the list with a few photos. (H beside the name means seen from the house, B is seen along the beach, T is travelling around Cadiz province,)

Gannet BZahora beech107

Cormorant BZahora beech110

Cattle Egret HT

Little Egret HBTSancti Petri1

Grey HeronTCoto Donana12

White StorkTZahora birds1


Red KiteT

Griffon VultureTVeher de la Frontera4

Hen HarrierTZahora birds9




Eleonara’s Falcon  (see note)T

Red-legged PartridgeHTZahora birds12


Ringed PloverBTSancti Petri3

Kentish PloverBT

Grey PloverTZahora birds20


WhimbrelTSancti Petri10

RedshankTSancti Petri12

Common SandpiperT

TurnstoneBTZahora birds21

Audouin’s GullBTCoto Donana1

Lesser Black-backed GullBZahora birds24

Yellow-legged GullBTZahora birds19

Sandwich TernBZahora beech111

Rock Dove (feral)TZahora birds3

Collared DoveHZahora birds7

Barn Owl (heard)H

White-rumped SwiftH



Crested LarkB

Crag MartinHHirudines2

Barn SwallowHHirudines9

Red-rumped SwallowHHirudines8

Meadow PipitHZahora birds8

White WagtailH12108179_10153719813184060_1544856317844135767_n


Black RedstartHZahora birds16

StonechatHTZahora biords4

BlackbirdHZahora birds4

Fan-tailed WarblerBIMG_1602a

Sardinian WarblerH

ChiffchaffHZahora birds14

Great TitH


Spotless StarlingHTZahora birds17

House SparrowHTHouse Sparrow1

GoldfinchHTZahora birds15

Corn BuntingTZahora biords3



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