Grey Squirrel var. brown nosed

There were lots of grey squirrels to be seen on a recent visit to The Nags Head RSPB reserve in the Forest of Dean.Grey Squirrels1

I sat in a hide for a couple of hours, hoping for something ‘exciting’ to turn up, but there were only grey squirrels and a couple of wood pigeons and one robin.Grey Squirrels2

So I took some photos of the squirrels, there was always at least one in view and at one point I could see five. All the time they were snuffling about in the leaf litter looking for something to eat. It is not surprising that out of the several thousands of acorns which a mature Oak tree will produce each year that none survive to germinate and grow the following year. In the life time of the tree maybe one or two will actually escape the attentions of the squirrels and mice and jays etc and make a new Oak.Grey Squirrels3

Getting bored with nothing ‘exciting’ I resorted to photographing the squirrels and when I got home and looked more closely at my snaps, I discovered that each of the squirrels had a brown nose, was this a new variety the brown nosed grey squirrel? No this was mud which they had picked up from their constant rummaging in the wet clay soils.


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