Nags Head RSPB reserve, Forest of Dean

Two visits this weekend to the Nags Head reserve, with the aim of seeing Hawfinches but also just to get some nice photos.Nags Head1

Saturday was awful it was so grey and walking about was quite a challenge on the wet, slippy, muddy ground.Nags Head5

With a zoom lens (100 to 400) the light was just not good enough, I had pushed my ISO up to 6400 and still was limited to a shutter speed of no more the 1/100. Still not to worry, there were no Hawfinches about and I spent most of my time sheltering from the rain with my woolly hat over my camera to keep it dry. My only photo was an obliging Robin, they do their best.Nags Head6

Sunday there was some sun but by the time I got up to the reserve it was clouding over and then began to rain. I met another photographer on his way back from the area where Hawfinches have been seen recently and he had not had any luck. We got talking and he had visited Canada earlier this year as I had and so we swapped stories about bears, humpbacks and orcas. He told me his name and that he was once a member of the Forest of Dean Camera Club but now is in the Ross on Wye club. I looked him up when I got back and he does have some excellent wild life photos.  He also had a much bigger camera than mine; then again  I know its not the size of your lens, its what you do with it….. maybe. Anyway he is Martin Russell ARPS so click on his name and see his photos.

I also failed to see any Hawfinches, I did see some Nuthatches, a Tree Creeper and a female Blackbird.Nags Head3

A couple of ladies came past on horses and that made a good shot.Nags Head2

Then I went to a bird hide and as I opened the window there were two Fallow deer in the bushes. Unfortunately that is were they stayed and slowly moved into deeper and deeper cover.Nags Head4

Better luck next time.


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