Coleford; Gloucestershire

This is Coleford, what is where I live, almost….. It is my local little town.Coleford1

(Photo taken with Canon Eos 6D, I/40th sec f5.6 ISO 6400 hand held 50mm…cropped but nothing else.)

This little town does have a supermarket, but it also has several butchers, a greengrocer/fruiterer, several barbers/hairdressers, an optician, doctors and dentists and it has pubs and of course Indian and Chinese and a Kebab outlet. It has a hardware store that sells everything, a computer repair shop, good bakers a post office and a Town hall and a Police station also a Golf course and a Gym….. some of which I use and some I don’t. It is only small and most people living 50 miles away have never heard of it but its OK.

Not many towns have so many independent shops and businesses these days. Long may they survive.


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