Today I was looking through the photos I took last year whilst in Canada to see which ones might be suitable to put on Alamy. This is a site where you can sell your photos. I came across this one of a Bald Eagle, probably not of a sufficiently good quality to get accepted by Alamy, so I have not submitted it. IMG_0959a

Also there will be hundreds of stunning photos of Bald Eagles already on the site.

I put some of my photos on this site, if you would like to see them click Alan Waterman alamy.  For some reason this link takes you to the photos which I am in the process of adding to the site, so to see the ones that are up and running you need to click where it says images not ready and then you can proceeded to images for sale..

At present I have a little over 500 on there. If you are lucky someone might buy one and if that happens then you get a reasonable amount of money for the sale, unlike some sites where you get less than $1 a photo. The amount you receive depends on what the purchaser is going to use the photo for. If it is to be used on front page of a national magazine then you get loads, if it is half way through an obscure book which will only be on sale in Venezuela then not so much.

Some people have thousands of photos on there and make a steady little income. I have only sold 4 photos so far. Obviously the more photos you put on the more likely you are to make sales. But.. if the photos are not that great and someone else has put on a better one, then you will not make a sale. Alamy is fairly fussy about what photos they will accept and if you submit something which is even slightly out of focus, has dust spots, is over photoshoped etc then all the photos in that batch are rejected and you have to sit on the naughty step for 28 days, ie no more photos can be submitted for 28 days.

Also, of course if you submit photos of obvious things like say Buckingham Palace, then there will already be thousands of photos of it on the site and no matter how good your photo is you will be unlikely to sell it.

It is quite time-consuming to upload and prepare the photos, you obviously need to check each photo before you submit it and the upload takes a long time, as you have to upload the full file, not a compressed form of it. Then when the photos are accepted you have to add a lot of info about each photo so that when someone is searching for a particular subject, it is you photo that pops up.

So you need excellent photos of something very few other people have photographed and which someone might like to buy and plenty of time … difficult, but sales do happen and whilst there are millions of photos on the site, there are also millions of photos being published every day.


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