Kings Road…… revisited

Today I walked down the Kings Road in Chelsea from Sloane square to Manressa road. Almost 50 years ago this was a regular journey for me. It was the swinging sixties and the Kings road was the place to be.007-kings-road-north-side-160-1970-noks

I was there because I was on my way to Chelsea college to do a course on virology, this was part of my degree. London University had a scheme whereby if you were at one college then you could participate in courses in any other college. I was at Westfield college in Hampstead, but I was interested in viruses and Chelsea college did courses on them, Westfield did not and so one day a week I would cross London to attend courses at Chelsea.Chelsea_Public_Library_01

Sometimes I travelled on my Honda 50…. hair raising especially when you had to cross Marble Arch, other times I went by tube, Finchley Road down to Sloane Square.

I remember on one occasion that Chelsea FC had won the FA cup and they came down the Kings Road in an open top bus to celebrate. Us students all went out to have a look. Can you spot me in the crowd?… I was there, somewhere. chelsea fa cup

The best thing about  the Kings road in those days was that there were a number of record shops and most of them stocked special import records from the USA. These cost a bit more than the standard LP’s but having one of them under your arm was fairly cool.  Which is what I was of course. I bought quite a few of these import records, don’t forget that in those days students got a grant and it was put to good use buying beer and records.

Most of these imports were not that good, had they been any good then they would have released them in the UK…. obviously. I do remember one by a band called Eden’s Children. I think it is still in a box in the shed.EdenReal4

Today the Kings road is still interesting but no music shops, lots of restaurants and clothes shops, also Habitat, was that the first Habitat? might have been.

The Satchi gallery was not there of course but it is now and at the moment it has the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism show on. That was why I went there today, however the tip down memory lane was just as good, and we had a nice meal.4

The Stones exhibitionism is well worth a visit. It is stacked with stuff and for an oldie like me  there is lots to see. I did note that many people, me included, kept putting their reading glasses on to see the small print in some of the exhibits.251956_10151006847133287_60275449_n

Great day out… memories!!


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