British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Today we went to peruse the photos in this years Wildlife Photographer of the Year, they were quite good….well very good, some were actually stunning.

They are on show at the Nature in Art place just outside Gloucester, you can visit their web site for more details.wellingtonia2

It was somewhat reassuring that some of the photos were taken with exactly the same equipment as I have, although on the less reassuring side it means I still have a lot to learn and can not blame  the quality of my photographic gear for not being able to take the most amazing photos.  So no excuses  to buy still better and more expensive stuff…. no I just have to learn how to use it.

The overall winning photo was of a jellyfish and yes that would need some extra underwater equipment. untitled

However my favorite was a full face photo of a Hare, and that was  achieved with fairly normal equipment.untitled2

No photos are allowed in side… fairly obviously,  but you can buy a book of all the photos and that costs £25. And you can look at some of the photos on line ….. not as good as seeing them for real.

Finally one sad thing, as you can see from my first photo, there are some fantastic Wellingtonia trees in the grounds and one has now died from some fungus infection, lets hope it does not move on to the remaining two.wellingtonia1


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