Migrating south

It is the time of year to head south. Now I set out from Portsmouth on Friday.migration1

I was on the Cap Finistere this is the closest I think I will ever come to a cruise….. one night and one good meal.migration2

Saturday spent a lot of time on deck looking for whales and dolphins. It said on the ‘on board info’ that you could see  one third of the worlds cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay.  Fine I did not see any.

I did see a few birds, some gannets  and some non descript gulls. But what I did see was some very small brown birds heading south. Two groups of about 20 birds flying just above the waves and looking like sedge warblers or pipits …it was very difficult to see as the boat was powering along and the birds were not that close. I also saw two birds that looked like green finches and one that had a long tail and was flying like a wagtail.migration3

What stuck me as amazing is that these tiny birds have to fly non stop across the vast distance from Brittany to Spain across the Bay of Biscay and they are tiny, tiny, little beings …. they have to continually flap their wings and keep going and if they can’t do that then they end up in the sea and dead. In the photo below you can just make out about 12 tiny brown birds. I sort of compared their task with me at the gym, on the cross trainer or tread machine, you just have to keep going…. but if you set it low it makes it easier however it takes much longer to get there, alternatively set it harder and you get there quicker but you might burn up and end up not getting there at all.

Eventually we got to Santander and it was beautiful sunny and Spanish, lets hope the little birds made it too.migration4


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