Observations from our terrace.

The weather forecast for the Andalucia coast today  was for cloud and rain, fortunately it was wrong.

I spent a lot of the day just soaking up the view, to the right is the famous Trafalgar Lighthouse…. ( just out to sea the battle of Trafalgar took place.)canos-de-mecca5

Possibly due to the rough weather we had yesterday, storms, lightning and rough seas,canos-de-mecca1

there were lots of gannets close in shore. They were mainly juveniles ( black coloration) but a few adults or almost adults were to be seen close in shore.canos-de-mecca2

Much closer we have a nice little flock of House Sparrows, they are Spanish but they are not Spanish sparrows…. this will make sense to birders.canos-de-mecca4

Far out to sea there are quite a lot of ships, mostly container carriers but these two look a bit military to my untrained eye… could they be the Russian ships on their way to Syria. There were two more similar ships a bit further back but that made them even less easy to photograph.canos-de-mecca3



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