Audouin’s Gull (Larus audouinii)

I have seen Audouiin’s Gulls several times in recent years along this coast. Firstly at the  Parque Nacional de Doñana  and then a few last year near the Trafalgar lighthouse.audouins-gull

However these two obliged by resting on the rocks immediately in front of where we are staying. With my X30 telescope they were relatively easy to see. One has two identification rings, one on each leg.

Photographing was a little more difficult. This photo was taken with a Cannon 70 D with a Mk 1 100-400 mm lens and a Mk2 teleconverter ( not the best combination but one day I will get the Mk 2 100-400 lens) It was at 1/320 sec at f16 and overexposed by 1 1/3 on a tripod and with a timed release to prevent shake from pressing the shutter.

You can see the red bill with the black bar and a pure white head, also one of the rings on the legs of the bird to the left.


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