Eurasian crag martin (Ptyonoprogne rupestris)

There are lots of Crag martins flitting about, often along the cliffs. Characteristic ‘windows’ in the tail showing well in this one.crag-martin1


The cliffs here produce fresh water Canos de Meca was originally named by the Moors. Canos means spring and they thought that the spring water emanating from the cliffs was the sweetest water they had tasted. So they added the name of their mot holy place… Mecca. However the Mecca has lost a ‘c’ over the years so it is now Canos de Meca.crag-martin3

The Crag Martins obviously agree with the Moors and also find the water quite desirable. They flit in and out and take drops of it but very very quickly. So I was using 1/2,300 of a second to photo them and even that seems a bit slow.crag-martin2


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