Lesbos 1969

I am doing this blog largely for students who attended  Westfield college in the late 1960s. There is a Face Book group where photos memories and names  are shared. But rather than bung up the page with lots of photos, I thought best  to put just one photo on FB and then a link to this blog where I will show all the photos.westfield4

This was an expedition to the island of Lesbos which took place in the summer of 1969 and it was to investigate a lagoon which had previously been the subject of Aristotle’s studies. This meant that the two studies, ours and Aristotle’s represented the longest period of time between one ecological study and another, although Aristotle would not have used the word ecology.

There were 11 members of the trip and they were Shionag Gee ( leader) Glen Toole ( the photos I am showing were all taken by Glenn) Bill Watts ( he took most photos) Selwyn Capstick, Sue Thomas, Paul Sharpe, Dick Furness, John Andrewarther, Kathy Ademiaca, Elaine Betney and myself Alan Waterman.

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Not all the people in the photos  were members of the expedition, some are locals from Lesbos and the woman with the red jumper was a member of staff on the hovercraft which we returned to GB on, from Calais.

Also one photo is fairly recent it is of me stood in more or less the same place as we had our camp, I visited Lesbos about 10 years ago. You can see the hill in the background has exactly the same profile, so I guess the spot where the photos were taken would have been the same.


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