Three moments from 2016.

A little while ago I set a challenge to select your three best moments from the past year and to accompany each of them with a photo and then to publish them on Face book on 31st of December or there about. To set the ball rolling here are my 3 moments, a little ahead of time but that gives you time to think about it.

I am lucky as I have had a brilliant year, but that makes this challenge somewhat more difficult.

I am going to start off by cheating a little bit. A special feature of my year has been the appearance of new species in our bit of woodland. I have done quite a lot to change it and return it to its former glory, which was deciduous ancient woodland. It is still a long way off, but this year I saw three species which I do not think you would have seen there back when  it was a Corsican Pine plantation, which is what I bought 3 years ago. These species are two birds, a Redstart and a Tree Pipit, and one plant a Ragged Robin. So that counts as one……. yes?

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I was also lucky enough to have a mega holiday in Mozambique Swaziland and South Africa, and I saw lots of wildlife, birds etc. This time I will not cheat and name all the species I saw which I had not seen before and I will select one moment.  It is difficult but I will actually chose the time when I saw two Leopards.   I had actually seen leopards in the wild many years earlier but these two were so beautiful, so they get the vote in front of the Cheetahs, the Rhinos and the Hyena which were all new to me.leopards

Finally my third choice; Back in March we were looking after our Grandchildren for a couple of days and we were out and driving through the Brecon Beacons, a particularly stunning bit and my Grandson Alex said ‘wow look at that, lets stop and get out’   What a boy!!!!   19004_10154096562919060_3252726152777226398_n


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