Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle is not so much a castle more a fortified palatial residence….. well that’s what the guide book says.raglan-castle3

It looks like a castle to my untrained eye.raglan-castle5

The guide book also says it was one of the last medieval castles to be constructed, which is probably why quite a lot of it is still there.raglan-castle6

We did an after Christmas visit to get some fresh air and get off our backsides. It was a nice bright blue day but also quite crisp. Grandson Theo had sort of remembered what I said before we left when we got there declared that this was an evil castle.

I did not take that many Grandchildren photos,  was more into  getting some ‘clever’ shots…. Naughty Grandad.raglan-castle2

There were one or two places where a shaft of light produced some interesting effects but the photos were not that spectacular, this is my best effort.raglan-castle4

There was a resident Pied Wagtail and I took lots of photos of him….. Naughty Grandad.raglan-castle1

They also had a quiz thing going on and this arrangement of old books was part of that, Felix spent most of his time trying to crack the code which completed the quiz……Naughty Papa.raglan-castle7





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