Cinderford Waxwings

After several recent reports of Waxwings in the Cinderford area and being as it was a wet and grey day I decided to go hunting the Waxwings in my truck. I headed for Lidl carpark where about 20 had been seen a couple of days ago.   Not sure what the attraction of this car park was as it only has a couple of trees and they did not like a species that has berries which would attract the Waxwings.

So I had a slow drive round all the near by roads searching for suitable fruit bearing trees. Gradually I extended my search but without success, eventually landing up at the very top of Cinderford……. St Whites. This is a new estate and I thought it would be the sort of place where there might be ornamental trees that might have berries. Near the lower end of the estate I saw a bird in a holly tree that looked like a Waxwing. I parked up and got my camera ready, it was raining quite hard, and I got out and crept round the back of a couple of houses to where I had seen it. There it was click click click and then it moved off deeper into the bushes.  A lady appeared at a window and asked what I was doing,  I explained about Waxbills and she said she had seen it earlier in the day.

I decided to have a look round the other side of her house where there was a play area and more trees..  I did not see any Waxbills but what I saw was a huge Fallow deer stag… just stood there looking.cinderford3

I took some photos and moved a bit closer, it slowly stepped over a fence and went behind some bushes.cinderford4

I carefully walked down to where the fence was and there was the stag the other side of the fence, about 5 feet away from me. I slowly moved my camera up to my eye and took some more photos, but the bush was in the way a bit, so I slowly moved to one side.cinderford5

Now I was face to face with the stag and about  5 feet away I took some more shots, it was looking straight at me so I quietly said hello and talked to it..  What else do you do?  It moved its ears as I spoke to get a better understanding of what I was saying, which was just nondescript calming stuff and we interacted in this way for several minutes and then it calmly walked off.cinderford1

Later when I looked at my photos I discovered that my Waxwing was in fact a Hawfinch.cinderford2


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