‘When I think back on all the crap I heard in high school.’

One of my favorite songs is Simon and Garfunkel’s  Kodachrome/Maybelline, it has the line ‘When I think back about all the crap I heard in high school’ and I think many of us will relate to that.  The reason I love this song, is possibly because it moves along so well, but also because I am quite into photography and I do like a fast car. If you want to hear the song, and why not, here it is on U tube  this is the entire concert in Central Park and if you don’t want to listen to all of it then it is at about 49 minutes in.

However despite not passing the 11plus, and so not having the advantage of going to a grammer !!!! school,  ( I do know its Grammar but this relates to some previous FB stuff) anyway, I did manage to get to University and thanks to my Mum who saved every thing she got her hands on, I still have all my exam papers, ‘O’ level, ‘A’ level and University level, here is one.exam-papers4

This is a paper I sat and passed when at university…. it reminds me of all the crap I learned…. OK not high school but at University….exam-papers5

I wrote that stuff, what is it all about ? …. presumably it meant something to me at the time…. all I can say is that it has benefited me because I have a degree…… but from a practical point of view it is ‘the crap I learned in high school’.


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