Forest of Dean in January

Today was bright and sunny and also frosty, which makes for some good photos and also means it is firm underfoot.forest-of-dean-walk8

Crab Tree hill was my first stop, always hoping to see the Great Grey Shrike. First of all though I came across a group of small brown jobs and I am fairly sure this is a female Reed Bunting.forest-of-dean-walk2

Next was a bit easier with its red forehead and this is a Redpoll. There are two types and I am not sure I can tell them apart but this should be a Lesser Redpoll as opposed to a Mealy Redpoll, because the later are only found along the East coast and the Forest of Dean certainly isn’t that.forest-of-dean-walk4

As I went up Crab Tree hill I was blessed with some good views of the Shrike, fairly high up in some willows but with a bit of overexposure I got some reasonable shots.forest-of-dean-walk3

I roamed around as you do and saw the Shrike in the distance several more times also a Tree creeper but no decent shots and eventually I headed off to look for a Dipper.

My destination was Wenchford  picnic site. No Dipper and no wenches! but an obliging Grey Wagtail.forest-of-dean-walk7

Also  a brief encounter with a Long-tailed Tit.forest-of-dean-walk5

On my way back I stopped off at Parkend and saw the Hawfinches.forest-of-dean-walk10 forest-of-dean-walk6



However my best shot of the day was I think this female Blackbird.forest-of-dean-walk9



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