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I have a box of old LP’s but no record deck…. many people are probably in the same situation.

Yesterday I was in a record sop in Stratford on Avon… all very nostalgic, but not that good for the owner because all I did was nostalgisise … is there such a word. There is now.

Anyway he recommended a web site called www.discogs.com/user/SJRecords where you can get a good estimate of the value of your own records.11b4b3d2c48ca5b67aec94c69ff68444

When I got home I got my box out and went through them… nothing very exciting came up, mostly they were worth under £10 each, one was about £100 but that was a 6 album box set of Sonny Boy Williams, so each album was only about £17.  Then towards the end I typed in Black cat Bones….. Barbed Wire Sandwich and guess what it is rated as £250 plus… one is now for sale on ebay for over £500….. OK the guy has not sold it but it sets the bar.

So if you have not done so visit the above web site and check out your old albums, you might find some hidden treasure.

By the way I was never that impressed with the Black Cat Bones album but you can read all about it on Wikipedia and if any one has £300 then we can do a deal.

‘Barbed Wire Sandwich is a psychedelic heavy blues rock album released by Black Cat Bones in November 1969. The original vinyl version of the album is now highly sought after by collectors of rock and heavy blues music of the late 1960s and 1970s. It is the only studio release of the band.’

Paul Kossoff  was part of the band… that could explain some of the appeal.




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