Forest of Dean in February

A day out in the Forest of Dean, there are so many choices of where to go but I opted for Worsgreen and Crabtree Hill. Just as well I took my wellies as it was thick mud.

However it was warm and occasionally sunny. This photo of the edge of Worsgreen lake is a composite of 4 photos using the focus stacking technique on photo shop plus which I recently invested in.fod-feb6

Lots of people about as it is half term, so the chances of wild boar or deer were reduced. I did see two fallow deer a long way off but they were fairly well into the trees when I first saw them and then never came out, at least not whilst I was watching and waiting.

I did see the Great grey shrike, in the distance, also distant views of a Sparrow hawk, Goshawk and a couple of Buzzards.  On the lake there were a couple of Goosanders a pair of Teal and the usual Mallards Coots Swans etc.

I was hoping for some Siskins or Redpolls but no luck. I did see a group of about 6 Reed Buntings.fod-feb8

There were also several Song Thrushes giving it their all. This one was on the ground presumably hunting for its dinner.fod-feb9

Finally on the way home I popped into Cannop  and  sat for half an hour with the truck window open and observed the visitors to the bird table, taking a few photos along the way. It was quite busy (birds that is not people) and at one point it was almost like Heathrow with the birds  lining up to land.fod-feb1

Most of the usual gang were on display, here are a few… Great Tit.








Hedge Sparrow







Marsh Tit….. well I assume Marsh, can you see a spot on the base of its beak?  Maybe, just.fod-feb3fod-feb2






And that was it,   nothing spectacular but a nice day with several conversations with other birders, walkers and just general folk.


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