Westfield College 1970

‘At its meeting on Monday 6th July 1970 the College Board of Examiners for the BSc degree agreed to forward to the  University the following recommendations received from the College Sub Boards.’

Sub board in Biology;

Backhouse Mary, Denton Gary, Mitchell Sonia, Nolan Christopher, Payne Michal, Thomas Susan, Andrewartha  John, Betney Elaine, Burrows Lynne, Gee Shionagh, Harwood Colin, Herrett Guiiano, Hiscock Keith, Lewis Helen, Millner Richard, Selbey Judith, Sharpe Paul, Thomas Mair, Toole Anthony, Watts William, Adamiecka Kathleen, Ball Nurit, Binbrek Fardosi, Capstick Selwyn, Cotgrove Anne, England Janet, Field Brenda, Furness Richard, Harmatali Tiiu, Hemmings Norman, Heys Allan, Hulme Sarah, Johnston Andrew, Laverack Frances, Lythgoe Francis, Skitch Jeffrey, Tacon William, Waterman Alan, West Frances, Wheeler Teresa, Bartlett Penelope, Irvine Susan, D’Sa Milicent.

Sub Board in Chemistry;

Branston Peter, Davis Rosemary, Callaghan Ian, Carter Jenifer, Collins Lynda, Dicks Valerie, Bellini Roberto, Carrington Roy, Gichard Linda, Woods Eleanor, Matheson Andrew, Howey Reed.

Sub Board in Chemistry/Biology;

Dineen Robert, Kania Helena.

Sub Board in Physical Sciences;

Howard Jennifer, Trevail Peter.

Sub Board in Mathematics;

Hills Margaret, Polwarth Mary, Thompson Susan, Wragg Barbara, Dinsmore Brenda, Pemberton Jean, Simmers Judith, Taylor Ronald, Whitworth Peter, Williams Richard, Bailey Brenda, Beattie Isobel, Bohill Ian, Greenwood Christine, Hillier William, Kaye Stephen, Macklin Ruth, Moffat Alison, West Sally, Bodhams Jacqueline, Berry Janet, Dyer Angela, Hodgson Susan, Rothwell David, Sharp Susan, Wright Reginald, Roberts Philip.

Sub Board in Physics;

Klee Marilyn, Scarsbrook Jennifer, Mayfield Ann, Turner David, Abbit Tony, Dixon Susan, Liddell Andrew, Pitts Eleanor, Griffiths Michael, Hopkins Caroline.


So there you have it, some names are familiar, some are a complete mystery but this was the 1967/1970 batch……  If you know any then why not alert them to the Westfield College, University of London Face book group.



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