Daddy Long-legs Spider – Pholcus phalangioides

This photo is a result of ‘focus stacking’. It is not 100% successful. I took about 6 or 8 photos by gradually moving the camera forward on a ‘Photo rail’ whilst retaining the same shutter speed, ISO and all other settings. I then put all the photos into Photoshop and stacked them together.spider-stack2


The problem is that in places the spiders legs seem to get blurred, and in some areas the background is sharp and well focused and in other areas it is out of focus.  I prefer the out of focus background so I have photo shoped the image to hopefully make all of the background out of focus.

Also there is one place on one of its legs where you can see a definite break in the continuity of the leg.!!!!

So does anyone have some tips on how to improve this focus stacking technique? I am wondering if using less images would be an improvement. The photo above is the product of about 8 images. Also would it be better to up the ISO and then increase shutter speed to increase the depth of field in each individual photo.

Here is another photo in which I have done less stuff in photoshop after the initial focus stacking. You can see the flaws in the spiders legs.spider-stack


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