Gennet Cat…..a close encounter.

Nelspruit in South Africa, there is a hotel called ‘Utopia’ which is not a bad name for it. The hotel is on a high area on the edge of Nelspruit and backs onto a steep slope of fairly dense bush/woodland. The owners put food out every night for the wildlife, bananas and other fruit on a sort of bird table for bush babies, a mix of vegetable peelings for porcupines and small bits of meat for genet cats.


The first time we stayed the gardener put out all the food and as it got dark all the three species turned up.  When we returned after our trip up to Zambia and Botswana, the gardener was not on duty, and the cook lady did not want to go down into the bush area to put the food out because of the wild animals. So I volunteered and as I was putting the pieces of meat on the rock a Genet cat turned up and approached the rock… It was about three feet away from me!  I gently spoke to it but not in Afrikaans so it could not understand me… It watched me putting the rest of the  meat out and only backed off when I moved away to return to the hotel area.   However as soon as I had moved off a few yards it was back and enjoying the meat.

Due to it being almost dark and the use of a 100 to 400mm zoom lens this was shot using maximum ISO (12800) and low shutter speed of 1/10th second and hand held but propped against a wooden rail….so not bad considering.


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