This was in Kruger a few days ago, we had not seen a huge variety of game but there were lots of Elephants about. Our final encounter was on the main tarmacked road leading out towards what is known as Crocodile bridge.

There was a large group  of Elephants crossing the road, impossible to say how many because they quickly merge into the bush but whilst we were there about 10 or so crossed the road. Quite a few cars gathered and people took photos and eventually when the opportunity arose moved on through and continued their journey. 

After a while I was at the front and next to the Elephants. At this moment a very small baby tried to cross the road, it was with a young female, probably not its mother. It had chosen to cross quite close to where we were parked, then being quite close to my car it began to panic a bit.  So a large ish male that had just crossed the road came back to protect it and between him and the young female they calmed it down..

My car, (well Felix’s car, but I was driving) was only a few yards from the male. At one point he turned to face me and ears flapped and his foot was starting to stamp the ground. We closed the windows, for all the good that would have done and I looked to see if I could back up….. No the car behind me was tucked up close to get a good view and the one behind him and so on.   So we sat and hoped and eventually they shepherded the baby to the side and disappeared into the bush.

Photos taken with a 100-400mm lens at 100mm, f13 and 1/500th second. I was too close to get the group without loosing some of its back and feet, ie the photo has not been cropped.


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