Christmas past and present.

Today it was tree decorating day …… the tree this year is one from a batch of Norway Spruce that I purchased earlier in the year. I bought 25 young trees all about 30cm high and planted 24 of them in our wood. Something decided to prune them back for me, probably squirrels but maybe rabbits. They are still alive but not that good a shape. However one I planted in a large pot and it is now about 100cm high. So this is our little tree for this year.

Decorations are quite mixed, we have one string of blue lights but we also have some baubles and decorations dating back to my youth so about 60 years old. Probably the oldest are some plastic snow flakes and a plastic icicle. 

Back in the 1950’s when these were purchased by my Father the plastic stuff was more desirable than the old fashioned glass balls.





We did however have some glass balls and they were kept in little cardboard boxes and some were in egg boxes.   My Father was never that keen on Christmas so that may explain the writing on the box  ‘Xmas Balls’.

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The glass balls were wrapped in newspaper at the end of Christmas and the paper has been used every year since. You can see that this piece dates back to 1960.

The only interesting bit of news on these scraps of old paper is a reference to a footballer, ‘a young England hopeful called Bobby Moore. Also look at the transfer fee of £25,000.

We also have other decorations from the past but some are a bit newer, the newest is the angel which comes from Mozambique and was brought back by Caroline a year ago.







Surrounding the tree are other memories from the past, the little cardboard Christmas tree was made by John when in Infant school and the toilet roll Father Christmases are newer and made by Grandchildren Alex and Freya.

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So there it all is and this is the final creation.


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