Cladonia pyxidata

These are growing on the wall at the end of my garden. The lichens are a species of Cladonia, probably pyxidata but I am not sure and there is also some moss.

The whole scene is about 5cm across…. a little world of its own.

Taken with the aid of a flash unit and then 4 photos stacked together.


Garden Birds

A few shots taken today. Me in the bedroom with the curtains drawn and the window half open. I think they still knew that I was there.

and a few more.

El Rabida

El Rabida is an area just east of Huelva on the Andalucian coast. It is a massive petrochemical complex. On Sunday night I took some photos.


Scary… I was a bit worried about vehicles cruising the perimeter, were they security or police? There were strange noises, lots of hisses as pressure release valves cut in, also a distant train was hooting in a rather eerie way  and occasionally sirens went off.  I was on rough ground outside the perimeter and there were lots of snags and branches and at one point a rat ran past my foot.   Still all in the interests of photography.

Sea Daffodil, Pancratium maritiimum

The Sea Daffodil also known as Sea Lilly is very common in this area of Western Spain. In fact I recall having seen it along the coast near Barcelona, also, in Calpe and I think in Greece.


Anyway it is typical of southern European coast lines. It is supposed to flower from August to mid October, but I caught this one in early November.

After flowering it produces a 3 valved capsule which contains black seeds that look like little chunks of charcoal.