Stag Beetle in the garden

Yesterday we found this beetle in our summerhouse.


We took lots of photos of him, he was quite cooperative, Theo also took lots of photos. He is going to set up a blog for his photos it will be called Theo’s Photo Blog.

Good luck with the blog … Theo.


Honey Bee

105 mm Sigma macro with 36 mm extension tube. I was trying to get some of them in flight but unless they are in exactly the right spot then they are out of focus. I will take another 500 shots to hopefully get one which is as neat as this one when it was not on the move.

Waterfalls… ‘photographs not snaps’

Had an excellent day yesterday  photographing waterfalls with a small group from the Forest of Dean Camera club. The day was led by Oliver Herbold who was assisted by Marta. It was a long day and a huge amount of effort was put into getting us to produce ‘photographs and not snaps’.





I have processed one set of 9 photos  to produce this one below. I have not done it in the same way as Oliver explained for two reasons. One is that I do not have the same software as he was using and secondly I struggle to understand some of the techniques he employed.

However I am reasonably pleased with it ….. looks a bit too hazy for my liking. More practice can only improve things. If you would like to see what can be achieved then have a look at Oliver’s web site and you will see that his waterfall photos have somewhat more punch than mine!!!