Coto Donana, Perez’s Frog, Rana perezi

Still waiting for a Lynx, but saw these two yesterday. They are evidently quite common in Southern France and throughout the Iberian peninsula.


The Spanish call them Rana Común



Black-winged Stilts; Huelva

There is a large wetland area near Huelva in SW Andalucia and it supports interesting birds like Greater Flamingo’s and Spoonbills. Today I saw both  of these birds but not that many and fairly distant. However there were hundreds, possibly thousands of Black-winged Stilts and quite close.


I remember when two of these nested in Norfolk at Holme nature reserve and the queues of bird’os waiting to see them nearly reached to Hunstanton.


The Serin is a  little finch, it is quite common in southern Spain but does not often make it up to the U.K.

The male has quite a yellow breast, where as the female is just stripey.

A good ID  characteristic is the very short stubby bill.

New Flash

Finally got the flash set up as recommended by a guest speaker at the Forest of Dean Camera club a few weeks ago.   And first practice seems to be encouraging.