Photos from Clearwell Meend

Clearwell Meend is my very local patch… it is 250 yards from my house. Here are a selection of photos I took this afternoon.

Speckled Wood
Sphagnum Moss
Common Spotted Orchids
Common Spotted orchid close up
Fungus. The Blusher ?
Bee Orchid
Seed head of Goatsbeard


Close up of Goatsbeard
Rabbit eating

That’s it.



A wet Monday

Wet and grey in GB today so I have been messing about with my camera, trying out some new techniques to get better focus.


This little chap is about 5mm long excluding his antennae and is siting fairly still on some lavender flowers in our conservatory. So I could photograph him without getting wet.

The next photo is the product of focus stacking 3 shots… obviously he moved, but it makes for an interesting multi antennae beast. 

Lizard Orchid

Lizard orchid which I photographed in France a few years ago…. It would be nice to come across one of these in Gloucestershire. I have seen them on Newmarket race course many years ago.



The view from my recliner….. yesterday…… Today the same Oak tree would be there but not the blue sky and it would not be relaxing.