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Waterfalls… ‘photographs not snaps’

Had an excellent day yesterday  photographing waterfalls with a small group from the Forest of Dean Camera club. The day was led by Oliver Herbold who was assisted by Marta. It was a long day and a huge amount of effort was put into getting us to produce ‘photographs and not snaps’.





I have processed one set of 9 photos  to produce this one below. I have not done it in the same way as Oliver explained for two reasons. One is that I do not have the same software as he was using and secondly I struggle to understand some of the techniques he employed.

However I am reasonably pleased with it ….. looks a bit too hazy for my liking. More practice can only improve things. If you would like to see what can be achieved then have a look at Oliver’s web site and you will see that his waterfall photos have somewhat more punch than mine!!!

Muntjac deer in Forest of Dean.

I saw these two Muntjacs (Muntiacus reevesi) on a slippery walk near Brierley. I think they are two different individuals, although they  were both in roughly the same vicinity. However one was at the beginning of my walk and the other was at the end. I think the second one has slightly bigger antlers and the preorbital scent gland is more pronounced.

When I lived in Norfolk I can’t ever remember photographing these little chaps, they were so common, but here in the Forest of Dean I hardly ever see them so they got the benefit of me snapping away.


You can clearly see the preorbital glands here, they look like two massive tears. They are used to mark the territory and give information about the owner. Studies have shown that the chemical composition of these secretions would permit muntjacs to identify an individual’s age, sex and population of origin. Both males and females have these glands.

Snow Birds 2

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Snow is starting to melt but has a long way to go . Here are a few more birds that have visited for food and water during the recent cold snap (2nd and 3rd March 2018) I have seen loads of Field fares, which is nice but they are very aggressive. They spend most of their time chasing other birds away. Redwings are about but seem much more shy. I did see a Peregrine fly over yesterday but too quick for a photo.

Snow Birds

I have been feeding the birds and more especially putting out water for them… Which needs replacing every few hours.

Here are a few shots I took through the bedroom window, so a bit on the soft side. We do not usually get Pheasants and these two spent some time in the garden even on the shed roof. Standing on one leg so I suppose his feet were cold.

I was surprised to see one brave Blackbird having a bath…. In this weather!!

Enjoy the slide show.

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