Attenborough says count butterflies; so this is how it is on Clearwell Meend.

I was motivated to spend an hour or so photographing the butterflies on Clearwell Meed today because we have recently had some Marbled Whites in the garden. As I had expected there were lots flitting about up there, possibly they were just about out numbered by the Meadow Browns, but they of course look more spectacular.

There were quite a few skippers about, I think both Small and Essex skippers. They are very difficult to tell apart, it all come down to the tip of their antennae and  the Essex has a distinctly black tip, as does the one below.

The Small skipper does not have a noticeably black tip…  Could this be him?

I also saw a Peacock, a Red Admiral and several Gatekeepers.





There were also lots of day flying moths, including Silver Y and Six spotted Burnetts.

And now a day later David Attenborough has urged us all to go out and count Butterflies, so who is ahead of the game…. Big butterfly count


Photos from Clearwell Meend

Clearwell Meend is my very local patch… it is 250 yards from my house. Here are a selection of photos I took this afternoon.

Speckled Wood
Sphagnum Moss
Common Spotted Orchids
Common Spotted orchid close up
Fungus. The Blusher ?
Bee Orchid
Seed head of Goatsbeard


Close up of Goatsbeard
Rabbit eating

That’s it.