Cicadella viridis

A green leafhopper however it looks more blue to me. Photographed yesterday 25/07/2017 at Ninewells wood near Trellech.  About 7mm long.


Clouded agaric ( Clitocybe nebularis)

Clitocybe nebularis or Lepista nebularis, commonly known as the clouded agaric or cloud funnel. clitocybe3

Definitely a funnel…..I cant recall having seen this fungus before. It is quite large ( 8/10 cm diameter) and seems to grow in a circle.clitocybe2

These were growing close to a car park in the woods near Bigswier in the Wye valley. I spotted them on my way back from a visit to Ninewells wood / Trellech . It was late in the afternoon and the light was low . so that my excuse for the photo quality.clitocybe1